Residential Real Estate And
Mortgage Closing Services

Wainwright Law Office, PC concentrates in residential real estate conveyancing and mortgage closing services for real estate transactions representing Sellers, Buyers, Refinance Borrowers, and Lenders.  Whether you are selling your home, refinancing your mortgage, or you are a lender seeking a closing attorney for a transaction, Wainwright Law Office, PC can provide the legal assistance you need to get the transaction done in a timely manner and at a competitive cost.

We are an approved title insurance agent for Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company (CATIC), Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, and WFG National Title Insurance Company, and have represented numerous local and national financial institutions in lending transactions.


Wainwright Law Office, PC can help you select a real estate professional to start your real estate sale transaction so that you start in the best position to sell your home. Our role typically starts with Offer acceptance, continuing to negotiating terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, title examination review and title clearing assistance if needed, preparing Power of Attorney document to sign closing documents on your behalf so you do not need to attend the closing, preparing Deed to transfer the title to the Buyer, reviewing all the legal documents for closing including the closing figures so that you understand what your bottom line will be from the sale, and finally ensuring that the Deed is recorded and funds are disbursed to you properly.  Our job is to make it easy for you to sell your home. 


Wainwright Law Office, PC provides comprehensive Buyer representation and can provide referrals to help you select a real estate professional to start the home search process, and referrals to mortgage lenders who will finance the transaction, if needed.  We offer a complimentary review of the Purchase and Sale Agreement if we are acting as closing attorney for the lender, and ensure that the terms of the agreement are consistent with your offer, and any changes resulting from inspection or other situation are incorporated therein. Title examination is reviewed to ensure that you are receiving good and marketable title from the Seller, and Owner’s title insurance policy is issued at closing to protect your ownership interest. We ensure that your Deed is recorded timely and properly, along with your Declaration of Homestead if this will be your primary residence.  We want all homebuyers to be happy homebuyers!


Wainwright Law Office, PC will make your lending process smooth from start to finish. Whether the request is a standard mortgage, HELOC, HELOAN, multiple loan situation, title orders are processed efficiently and quickly. In the event title search reveals potential defects, we have relationships with various title clearing companies and national title insurers to help your customers get their issues resolved in a timely manner. Complimentary review of P&S for your Buyer clients.  Our goal is fast, reliable title and settlement services at competitive rates.

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